Deleuzian Politics?

Jeremy Gilbert and Chrysanthi Nigianni (guest editors)

This issue of new formations reflects on the 'turn to Deleuze' in the English-speaking world in recent years (looking in particular, but not exclusively, at his work with Félix Guattari). The writings of Deleuze and Guattari can be seen as natural resources and allies for those working in the tradition of cultural studies - in their efforts to delineate a fully materialist ontology and a fully social and political theory of the psychic, and to give expression to a politics which is at once libertarian and radically collectivist in its orientation; and in the radical and militant interdisciplinarity which is characteric of their work. The essays in this volume represent a range of work that demonstrates, and occasionally questions, the usefulness of Deleuzian ideas for addressing key cultural theoretical questions in novel and politically productive ways. The issue includes an extensive critical review of the work of Deleuze by Jeremy Gilbert, and a round-table discussion between four leading commentators on 'Deleuzian politics'. Several essays explore the possible radical implications of Deleuze's thought for a reformulation of sexual politics, while other themes include vitalism; affirmative ethics; arguments with Antonio Negri; transcendental empiricism; and the political figure of the militant.

Contributors: Éric Alliez, Véronique Bergen, Rosi Braidotti, Jorge Camacho, Claire Colebrook, Jeremy Gilbert, Peter Hallward, Patricia MacCormack, Chrysanthi Nigianni, Katrina Schlunke and Nicholas Thoburn.

Cover Image: Richard Lindner, Boy with Machine, 1954. Reproduced courtesy of estate of Richard Lindner.

CONTENTS Jeremy Gilbert and Chrysanthi Nigianni

EditorialJeremy Gilbert

Deleuzian Politics? A Survey and Some SuggestionsVéronique Bergen Politics as the Orientation of Every AssemblageRosi Braidotti On Putting the Active Back into ActivismJorge Camacho A Tragic Note: On Negri And Deleuze in The Light of the 'Argentinazo'Claire Colebrook Queer VitalismPatricia MacCormack Becoming Vulva: Flesh, Fold, InfinityChrysanthi Nigianni Becoming-Woman by Breaking The WavesNicholas Thoburn Weatherman, the Militant Diagram, and the Problem of Political PassionÉric Alliez, Deleuzian Politics? A Roundtable DiscussionClaire Colebrook, Peter Hallward, Nicholas Thoburn REVIEWS Katrina Schlunke Sexual TemporalitiesKatrina Schlunke Organising Modern Emotions BOOKNOTESDavid W. Hill, Andrew Blake, Kate O'Riordan
Paperback, All rights L&WISBN 9781907103124
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Gilles y Félix

Mil mesetas

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