Schizoanalysis and Visual Culture

Centre for Critical and Cultural Theory
Venue: Cardiff University, Cardiff, UK
Dates: June 1st - June 2nd 2010

What is schizoanalysis and how might it be applied to the analysis of contemporary visual culture? This question is both daunting in its complexity and exciting in terms of the possibility for a whole new way of thinking about visual culture it offers. Answering it seems to require that we experiment with Deleuze and Guattari’s ideas and concepts to produce our own new syntheses adequate to the demands of the present creative, historical and theoretical conjuncture we find ourselves in today. That is the challenge this symposium will take up by bringing together some of the most creative and exacting scholars working in the twin fields of Deleuze studies and film studies today.
If you are interested in participating in or attending this event please contact the conference convenor Ian Buchanan

Keynote Speakers
Dr Felicity Colman (Manchester Metropolitan) "The family manifesto: the schizo-politics of satisfaction"
Dr Patricia MacCormack (Anglia Ruskin University) “Inhuman Ecstasy”
Dr Richard Rushton (University of Lancaster) “A Deleuzian Imaginary: On the cinema of Jean Renoir”
Professor Tom Conley (Harvard University)
Professor David Rodowick (Harvard University) "What is (film) philosophy?"
Professor Mirjam Schaub (The Free University of Berlin) "The Corrections: David Lynch's Mulholland Drive."
Professor Paola Marrati (Johns Hopkins University) “Cinema as a Laboratory of Political modernity”
Professor Patricia Pisters (University of Amsterdam) “Organ Transplantation Films: Biopolitical cinema and the BwO”
Dr Anna Powell (Manchester Metropolitan University) “From bio-port to strait-jacket: Oedipus revisited in Spider.”
Dr Barbara Kennedy (Staffordshire University) TBA
Professor Dennis Rothermel (California State University, Chico) “The Tones of Judgment in Local Evening News”
Dr Stamatia Portanova (University of Birkbeck) “A symptomatology of the digital idea”
Dr Pasi Valiaho (Goldsmiths, University of London) “The Filmic Envelope: Affectivity, Hypnosis and the Transindividual”
Dr Taru Leppänen (University of Turku) “Race and Sound in Disney’s Jungle Book”
Dr Jan Harris “Beyond the Time-Image? The Films of Benedek Fliegauf”
Dr Iain Mackenzie (University of Kent) and Dr Robert Porter (University of Ulster) “Dramatizing the Political: On Deleuze and Guattari’s Method”
Dr Nadine Boljkovac (Aberdeen University) “Signs without Name”
Professor Hanjo Berrressem (Cologne University) “'Actual image Virtual cut:' Schizoanalysis and Montage”
Jan Jagodzinski (University of Alberta) “Flaying the Senses: The Films of Kim Ki-Duk”


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Bloques rizomáticos

Gilles y Félix

Mil mesetas

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